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20% off 2e2's Risk-based Infrastructure Security Assessment

2e2's Risk-based Infrastructure Security Assessment (RISA) lets you better understand the risk around your IT and its potential impact on your business. Until 31 December 2012, 2e2 is offering a 20% discount.

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Free Outsourcing Discovery Workshop

Outsourcing can be a critical part of any business' IT servicing plan. Our Outsourcing Discovery Workshop lets you understand how to most appropriately outsource to meet your needs. Offer expires December 2012.

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Free Half Day CRM Workshop

2e2 offers a free half-day Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Strategy Workshop. This workshop will let you develop a plan for how you can better use CRM to benefit your organisation. And until 31 December 2012, the workshop will be free.

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30% off 2e2's PCI DSS Scoping Assessment

Our PCI DSS Scoping Assessment will help you how to best implement a mobile payment solution to ensure you are compliance with regulations and that will work with your current payment systems and future needs.For a limited time -- until 31 December 2012 -- you can take 30% off the Assessment.

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Free Contact Centre Discovery Workshop

A Contact Centre can be vital to an organisation's communications with their customers. At 2e2, we offer a Contact Centre Discovery Workshop that will let you explore how to better use your Contact Centre for your business. And it's free until 31 December 2012.

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25% Off Data Centre Optimisation Assessment

Many companies are challenged with many issues around how to best manage their Data Centre. 2e2's Data Centre Optimisation Assessment lets you take advantage of our expertise in choosing your next steps. Offer expires 31 December 2012.

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Complimentary 1 Day Desktop Strategy Workshop

Need help migrating your Desktop environment in anticipation of Windows XP or Office 2003 Support ending? Looking to determine the most appropriate devices, applications and services for your end-users? 2e2's Desktop Strategy Workshop is a good start, and until 31 December 2012, it is being offered for free.

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Half Price Training Infrastructure and Change Readiness Assessment (TICRA)

Many companies implement significant changes to their IT systems and processes without properly preparing and training their staff to adopt them. Our Training Infrastructure and Change Readiness Assessment (TICRA) provides expertise on how to manage this change to optimise the business impact. Take advantage of this Half Price offer until 31 December 2012.

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Complimentary 2 Day Storage Assessment

Storage technology and how to manage storage is constantly changing. Navigating what to do next can be quite tricky. Our 2 Day Storage Assessment will help you set a course that suits your business and its needs. The complimentary offer expires 31 December 2012.

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1/3 Off Network Path Assessment

Now that video communications is permeating the business world, the demands on IT Infrastructure can be many and varied. Many times the systems can be better managed to both minimise the impact of these communications and enable them to be more efficient.Our Network Path Assessment will help you make you understand how to better manage these video networks. It is 1/3 off until 31 December 2012, so get started now.

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Discount on NEW Network Infrastructure Lifecycle Evaluation (NILE)

2e2 is now offering a Network Infrastructure Lifecycle Evaluation (NILE). This evaluation not only provides vital information about the status of your network but also helps you better align your network with your business needs.

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