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2e2 Offers

Free Outsourcing Discovery Workshop

Outsourcing can be a critical part of any business' IT servicing plan. Our Free Outsourcing Discovery Workshop lets you understand how to most appropriately outsource to meet your needs.  Offer expires December 2012. 

Discount Shares In Our New Flexshare Programme

Our new FlexShare Programme allows customers the flexibility to have a cache of FlexShares that can be redeemed for projects or resources. FlexShares allows you to pre-purchase your stock of shares that you can trade for 2e2 services throughout the year. For details on this new programme,


2e2's Assured Outsourcing Services

With 30 years’ experience delivering outsourced IT services, 2e2 tailors outsourcing to customers’ specific needs, aligning to strategy and enabling greater agility, better service and lower cost.

Video Case Study: NHS Assured Service Delivery

2e2 delivered a hybrid service solution to one of it's largest customers, Islington PCT.  Learn how 2e2 helped Islington PCT streamline, improve and transform how their ICT services are delivered to their end users.