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2e2 Offers

Free Contact Centre Discovery Workshop

A Contact Centre can be vital to an organisation's communications with their customers.  At 2e2, we offer a Contact Centre Discovery Workshop that will let you explore how to better use your Contact Centre for your business.  Start now as our offer expires 31 December 2012.

One Contact

2e2’s One Contact proposition is aimed at helping our customers improve their interactions with their customers.  2e2 applies our capabilities to many initiatives from automated, secure online payments to supporting agent retention via bespoke training programmes to improving first call resolution rates.

Equipping Employees

2e2's DNA is in Equipping Employees through the deployment of workforce enablement programmes.

Case Study: Windows 7

Learn how this global mobile operator upgraded Windows 7 to equip it’s employees and ensure that their desktop environment would still be supported post 2014.