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2e2 Offers

Half Price Training Infrastructure and Change Readiness Assessment

Many companies implement significant changes to their IT systems and processes without properly preparing and training their staff to adopt them. Our Training Infrastructure and Change Readiness Assessment (TICRA) provides expertise on how to manage this change to optimise the business impact.  Offer Expires 31 December 2012.       

Discount Shares In Our New Flexshare Programme

Our new FlexShare Programme allows customer the flexibility to have a cache of FlexShares that can be redeemed for projects or resources. FlexShares allows you to pre-purchase a stock of shares that you can trade for 2e2 services throughout the year.

For more information on 2e2's Employee Adoption Services

Employees only use new technology when they are supported and trained.  2e2’s training solutions enhance the introduction of new technologies as demonstrated by our delivery track record.  2e2 are perfectly placed to equip your employees in adopting the desktop of the next decade.


Video Case Study: HP Sales Enablement

To learn more about how 2e2 helped HP's Employee Adoption, watch our HP Sales Enablement Case Study.