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2e2 Offers

Complimentary 2 Day Storage Evaluation

Storage technology and how to manage storage is constantly changing. Navigating what to do next can be quite tricky. Our 2 Day Storage Evaluation will help you set a course that suits your business and its needs.  Offer expires 31 December 2012.

2e2's Flexible Storage Assessment

2e2 also offers a more in-depth Storage Assessment. This Assessment quickly explores the root causes of storage issues and provides a portfolio of activities and enhancement to address them effectively.

Half Price Oracle Licence Audit

Until 31 December, 2e2 is offering its Oracle Licence Audit for half price. This Audit ensures that the license landscape meet Oracle's agreements, critical for ensuring that the Oracle investment is optimised. And if more Oracle licensing or systems are required, we will refund the price of the audit.



20% Off EMC Storage Systems

The VNXe3150 Express Solutions provide a choice of seven (7) VNXe3150 fixed configurations to satisfy a range of customer needs and environments. These preconfigured product solutions are offered at a 20% discount

HP 3PAR Get Thin Compression Guarantee

HP is currently offering a guarantee that their HP3Par will reduce Storage by 50%. Take advantage of this offer for your Storage needs.