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Big Discounts on Security Services & Upgrades until 31 December

Don't wait any longer to enhance your infrastructure security with our end of year specials.

2e2 is offering its Security Services as low as £750 per day for projects completed this year.  Or take advantage of our reduced 5 day and 10 day services packages.

Ready for an update? We are offering discounted upgrades for firewalls, authentication or web security. All these options will help you to make sure your security is ready for a year.

Want to Improve your Firewall Security? Start with 2e2's New FIT Firewall Bundle

Our new FIT Firewall Bundle combines the best of 2e2 to make sure your firewall security is optimised. This Bundle combines our expert security consulting, discounted firewall software and hardware and the best of 2e2's technical services as significantly reduced rates through the end of the year.

20% off Risk-based Infrastructure Security Assessment

2e2's Risk-based Infrastructure Security Assessment (RISA) lets you better understand the risk around your IT and its potential impact on your business. As technology evolves, knowing the implications on the business and how to better mitigate risk becomes critical. Offer expires 31 December 2012.


Try Our New Firewall Effectiveness Evaluation

Want to get a quick look at how you can improve your firewall security? 2e2's NEW Firewall Effectiveness Evaluation (FEE) will highlight ways you can make your firewall security and policies more aligned with your business needs and desired risk posture.


Need Some Help with Cloud Security?

Our NEW Cloud Security Assessment will help migrate your security to the Cloud. 2e2's Security Consultants bring significant experience in maintaining the risk stance and policies for any Cloud technology utilised. The Assessment ensures that the plan for how to make the security transition smooth.


Check Point Software to Software Trade-in Offer

Maintain your Check Point Investment by receiving a credit of 70% for your old Check Point software up to a discount of 60% of the new Check Point Software list price. Now you can get the benefits of Check Points advanced software upgrade at a fraction of the cost.

Discounted pricing on web security bundles from 2e2 and Bluecoat

Blue Coat offers a multi layers defense strategy to protect against threats, control browsing and enable compliance.  They are current offering discounted pricing on security bundles both with and without ProxyAV.

These bundle discounts are available until January 31, 2013.

40% off or more on RSA Value Pack Security Bundles

RSA is offering their Value Packs for Authentication Manage 7.1 License & SID700 Hardware and Software Tokens at a significantly reduced cost. Their Value Pack Reductions cover Hardware and Software of 10, 25, 50, 100, 150 and 250 User Bundles and are available through December 2012.

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