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1/3 Off Network Path Assessment

Now that video communications is permeating the business world, the demands on IT Infrastructure can be many and varied. Many times the systems can be better managed to both minimise the impact of these communications and enable them to be more efficient.  Our Network Path Assessment will help you understand how to better manage these video networks.  Offer expires 31 December 2012.

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Businesses must provide the right tools to allow their employees, partners and customers to experience a richer level of communication, especially when geographically disparate people need to work together on a project. 2e2 can help you realise the many benefits of business video.


Video Case Study: Business Video - 2 hours, 2 locations and 20 people

See how 2e2's Marketing Team have implemented successful business video into their work schedule.  Proving tangible cost savings and increased productivity.

Business Video: Whitepaper

Video technology has advanced significantly, companies that take advantage of this in a business context will be the ones to innovate and set new frontiers.  Through 2e2's experience learn how we can help maximise your video investment.