Training and Development

To support your learning and development 2e2 provides access to practical experience as well as classroom theory to help you advance your skills. Employees are encouraged to train in business, technical and soft skills and in order to support this 2e2 provides a core set of e-learning courseware from Element K covering a wide variety of subjects.

2e2 also values more informal methods of development to embed your learning through practical application. There are many different kinds of ‘on-the-job’ learning as a result of the access to high quality work opportunities that are available. Some examples of the types of learning experiences you may be exposed to are listed below. 

  • Mentoring – either obtaining a mentor to facilitate your development or acting as one to progress your management skills and assist others 
  • Coaching and training new members of staff 
  • Working overseas at a client site 
  • Managing a project and taking the responsibility for a particular client 
  • Attending industry seminars 
  • Raising your own individual profile and that of 2e2 by hosting client events, presenting at seminars or writing articles for industry publications 
  • Working alongside consultants with specialist skills that you can learn from

Performance Management
At 2e2 we aim to achieve a simple, transparent and fair process for managing your performance and we are committed as a company to providing opportunities for internal progression. As part of this process we operate a company-wide career development framework and all employees will have a ‘Personal Development Plan’ depending on their role to record and measure objectives. The aim is to ensure every individual has a set career path with personal objectives and support is offered to the individual in order to fulfil their potential.

We conduct an annual appraisal process with a six monthly review. The appraisal process includes:

  • Completion of self assessment forms 
  • Feedback from peers/managers on individual performance against the company competencies 
  • Completion and output of appraisal via Appraisal form

The competencies that we measure people against are listed below:

  • Personal effectiveness
  • Client delivery
  • Client business development
  • Communication
  • Business understanding
  • People knowledge development
  • Leadership

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