A 2e2 Opinion Piece Business Continuity and Storage

Business Continuity Planning (BCP) is vital at any time, but during this winter season there are a number of factors that come into play that should focus the minds of all those responsible for their organisations’ resilience in the face of external threats. The possibility of extended periods of bad weather, combined with the ever present risk of a flu outbreak, means that there is the potential for your organisation’s business BCP to be put to the test. In this article we consider the role that ICT has to play in BCP, with particular emphasis on data storage and recovery. 

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A 2e2 Opinion Piece - ISS (Industry Standard Servers), Converged Infrastructure and Business Continuity Planning

This opinion piece considers the benefits of Industry Standard Servers as part of a Converged Infrastructure over the established wisdom of regarding composite parts (servers, networks and storage) as self-contained entities.

It has been the habit of organisations investing in IT over the last two decades to react to technological advances in terms of acquisition - newer components, faster networks and more storage. The trouble with this model is that technology does not advance at a uniform rate - investment in servers, networks and storage is necessarily staggered and does not guarantee optimal functionality between new components. Given a long enough time line, this pattern ultimately grows the IT estate of a business into a bloated and wasteful quagmire of compatibility issues and inefficient functionality. More importantly this diverged infrastructure leaves the organisation far more open to risk from both internal system failure and external threat.

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