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Flexible Working - 2e2 Research
Are UK workers stifled by the 9-5?

People Centric Computing
Making IT Work!

Real Estate Consolidation
Less space, more room!

Flexible Working - Opinion Piece
Does flexible working mean more time with your loved ones?


Public sector organisations are challenged to reduce costs and deliver a better citizen service. Flexible Working projects are well placed to directly support these goals.

For instance:

  • Mobile working has led to decline in the need for dedicated desks so organisations are adopting a more intelligent approach to provisioning space for their employees and reducing real estate costs at the same time.
  • More mobile devices: this poses both a technical challenge for IT staff and necessitates a new approach to IT service delivery that supports and enables employees to work whenever, wherever and on whatever they want – People Centric Computing.
  • More time? Has the increased emphasis on collaboration and availability come at a cost to our work/life balance? In trying to work more flexibly, are we now expected to be Always On Standby?

View 2e2s CEO Terry Burt discussing Flexible Working and read our recent research on Flexible Working commissioned by 2e2 as featured in the Metro and various other publications.


Flexible Working

People Centric Computing
Making IT Work
Real Estate Consolidation
Less space more room
Flexible Working- Opinion Piece
Spend more time with your loved ones?