This year The London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics will be the largest sports events in the world.  The impact on organisations will be at its height during the actual Olympic and Paralympic Games themselves, but combined with factors such as the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations in June, there’s a high chance your organisation, supply chain or customers will feel the effects of the 100 days of disruption this summer.

Whether it’s busy roads, congested networks, or unavailable workers, London’s infrastructure and normal working practices will be stretched to capacity this summer.

Are you ready for:

  • Staff being absent due to expected travel chaos?
  • Increased cyber threats resulting in downtime and possible data and financial loss?
  • An Increase in remote working overloading systems and compromising security?
  • Protests or physical attacks requiring crisis management and possible invocation of disaster recovery /business continuity plans?
  • Failure in supply chains and support issues with third party suppliers?
  • Inability to support a rapid increase in business volumes?

Act now; there's still time to prepare your IT infrastructure for the Games. 2e2’s Games Readiness Assessment examines business operations, security, disaster recovery, remote access, supply chain and support, so you can take steps to enable your organisation.