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Small businesses and midsize companies need to enable growth while ensuring that they conduct business in a smart, lean, and more cost-effective way. In an increasingly global economy, that means streamlining business processes while scaling them across organisational boundaries and international borders. At the same time, companies need to conserve their capital to ensure that they have the resources to enable that growth. 

Laying the foundation for growth means replacing stand-alone business applications and manual business processes with enterprise-class software that helps manage demand generation and sales processes. However, adopting sophisticated software often involves a trade-off: preserving capital while obtaining the best solution for managing the business challenges at hand. Fortunately, SAP, a world leader in business software, makes that decision easier.

Designed specifically for small businesses and midsize companies, SAP® Business ByDesign™ is the most complete, fully integrated business solution delivered on demand. The solution addresses the needs of growing companies by providing the functional depth of a large-scale business management solution at a cost that’s better suited to their budgets. SAP Business ByDesign also features a rich and intuitive user interface that adapts to each user’s role and provides embedded analytics to enhance productivity. And SAP Business ByDesign is also available as fixed-scope, modularized “packages” that let you take advantage of the specific functionality you need now, while building the foundation for implementing the additional functionality you’ll need later. When that time comes, everything will be integrated.

Businesses Confused about Cloud Suitability and Implementation

Research commissioned by 2e2 has revealed that vendor rhetoric has left over half (57%) of UK businesses struggling to establish if cloud services are suitable for them and if so, how best to implement them.

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Bridgend County Borough Council

Insight, awarded a five year contract to deliver cost effective software as a service (SaaS) finance system by Bridgend County Borough Council.

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SAP Upgrgade

SAP ERP 6.0 builds on that foundation with superior functionality and greater ease of use. But the clock is ticking; soon the standard support from SAP, for earlier releases will be withdrawn.  

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