Business Agility

Agility is not only a technology story, but one that also encompasses a willingness to change the way that people are allowed to work to achieve the responsiveness needed to move with – and anticipate – the way markets are going.

 The recent suppement in the Sunday Telegraph reviewed the 21st century company/enterprise and why business agility is crucial for success in a world of increasing complexity and change, and brief highlights the type of company that is among the winners and what elements of agility matter most. Content includes:

The evolution and revolution – in management thinking about how to run enterprises – the latest theory and practice, and why the agile organisation is today's key concept.

The people factor – how to motivate and organise people to ensure enterprise agility. 

Tools for the job – A quick fire tour through the key systems and techniques being used to promote agility, such as mobile/flexible working, telepresence, cloud computing, business intelligence, enterprise architecture.

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