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Assured Outsourcing

The 2e2 Approach

CIOs today are under pressure not just to deliver cost savings but also business agility.  At the same time, they need to meet users’ service level expectations even as IT estates become more complex and dispersed through trends like cloud computing and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).

At 2e2, we believe that a successful approach to outsourcing must be grounded in robust, established processes but tailored to meet each customer’s specific needs, both current and future.

The 2e2 approach starts with the Assured Outsourcing Discovery Workshop, designed to align outsource needs with organisational strategy.  It then goes through a three stage process of:

  • Definition – defining the contract, SLAs, costs and governance.
  • Transition – establishing infrastructure, processes and resources.
  • Operation – handover to operations, customer acceptance.

Once in operation, 2e2 uses ITIL-aligned processes and tools to ensure consistent, reliable performance.

Case Study: TSL Education

TSL Education needed a service partner capable of designing a solution and service model that would meet their current and future needs.

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Free Outsourcing Discovery Workshop

Outsourcing can be a critical part of any business' IT servicing plan. Our Outsourcing Discovery Workshop lets you understand how to most appropriately outsource to meet your needs.

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Case Study: NHS Islington

NHS Islington established an ICT Shared Service designed to support 3,500 staff at three NHS Trusts; Camden PCT, Camden and Islington NHS FoundationTrust and Islington PCT.

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