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Data Centre Services - Architecture

What do we do?

  • We provide experienced architecture and design practitioners to augment client architecture teams.
  • We leverage our intellectual property and experience to provide advice to clients on establishing or improving their architecture and design functions.
  • Our approach is vendor and outcome agnostic, however we have strong relationships with the major enterprise infrastructure vendors.
  • We have access to deep product expertise and vendor insight through our Technology Solutions division.

Benefits we deliver?

  • Reduce cost – Design technology infrastructures that deliver cost effective results.
  • Deliver the detail – Provide high level architecture through to detailed component design.
  • Outcome agnostic – One of very few independent organisations that are not tied to any vendor, solution or outcome
  • Improve confidence – Ensure your infrastructure complies with policies and regulations.

Pastures New: Data Centre Migration

Optimisation or consolidation of the data centre infrastructure is a key factor in achieving a simplified, lower cost and consolidated technology estate.

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Case Study: Data Centre Optimisation

2e2 helps Telco achieve huge cost and carbon savings through Data Centre optimisation.

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Solutions Insight: Storage Automation

By putting business rules in place, combined with best practice process and procedures, you'll be able to get a single view of your entire storage infrastructure.

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