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Flexible Storage

2e2's Free BRAND NEW consultant-led Storage Evaluation only available until 31 October 2012

Building on decades of data centre experience, 2e2 offer a quick consultant-led storage assessment to help you quantify the effect of storage issues on your organisation and to create a future-ready storage roadmap.

The Evaluation

The 2e2 Storage Evaluation is the first step to better understanding and regaining control over the storage estate.

The Storage Evaluation from 2e2 is a fast, cost-effective and accurate way to analyse your storage. It is designed to be fast, light-touch, and consultant rather than manufacturer led. As part of the assessment, 2e2 will provide scripts depending on the storage you currently have or will use data collection files that are automatically generated from the storage system. The data will then be analysed by a 2e2 Consultant.


You will be presented with a documented report of your current storage environment highlighting our observations and recommendations.

The document will identify used capacity, available capacity, and reclaimable storage. It will also show the storage lost to RAID overhead and any storage reserved for replication to or from another storage system.

The documentation will enumerate the performance of the storage systems, identifying any performance constraints. The documentation will also identify where virtualisation, automatic storage tiering and thin provisioning could provide storage savings and energy consumption reductions.

2e2 Storage Evaluation

2e2 offer a quick consultant-led storage evaluation to help you quantify the effect of storage issues on your organisation.

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