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2e2 Managed Print Service

Printing can represent up to 3% of a company’s revenue, yet most organisations don’t have an accurate understanding of what the actual cost is.

“Many organisations could reduce document output costs by 10% - 30% just by optimising the number of printers, copiers, scanners and faxes in use.” Source: Gartner

Key Challenges

Many organisations are looking for ways to reduce costs and improve effectiveness at the same time as they facilitate new ways of working.

Typical challenges include:

  • How to understand and manage printing costs across the organisation.
  • How to maximise printer availability and better manage support costs.
  • How to enhance security and confidentiality for users’ information and documents.
  • How to meet the printing needs of a growing business without large capital outlay.

At 2e2, we believe that print services should be seamless and cost-effective; supporting the evolving needs of the organisation in a way that is effortless for the user, yet optimised and absolutely controllable for the business as a whole.

2e2 Managed Print Service Benefits
  • Average cost savings of 30%.
  • All printing costs consolidated into a single charge per print for easy control, cross charge and administration.
  • Capacity to service existing printer estates across the UK and Ireland regardless of manufacturer or model.
  • Comprehensive financing options over a 3 – 7 year period, providing a predictable cost over the contract period.

Managed Print Audit - Available until December 2012

2e2 is offering a free, independent consultancy based audit of all print and print-related costs and asset lists. The audit generally takes 3-4 days, and 2e2 develops an audit report as a key deliverable. To access your free audit please call us on 0844 225 0562 or email us on

Equipping Employees

2e2’s DNA is in equipping employees through the deployment of workforce enablement programmes.

Could IT Be Cloud?

from 2e2 offers organisations a range of options, providing flexibility in their choice of infrastructure, alongside an innovative methodology that determines each organisation's readiness for cloud based IT.

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