Back up is a vital yet often neglected part of the IT function. Everyone understands the importance, yet because it doesn’t deliver front line applications, or noticeably affect the efficiency of the organisation; it can often come second best in the allocation of resources, especially when budgets are tight.

Compounding the problem is the fact that many organisations are experiencing very substantial increases in data storage volumes as a result of various factors including ever more extensive use of email attachments and large HD files.

For a limited time 2e2 are offering a 50% discounted Health Check for our customers and free Backup Assessment for all EMC NetWorker customers. The NetWorker Health Check will help identify backup issues, review configuration, and recommend changes to help:

• Improve backup reliability and performance
• Reduce expenditure and increase efficiencies
• Consolidate where possible
• Obtain immediate to medium term ROI

To download further details on the NetWorker Health Check please click here and for details on the free Back-up Assessment please click here.

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