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Business Video

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To retain competitive advantage today businesses must provide the right tools to allow their employees, partners and customers to experience a richer level of communication, especially when geographically disparate people need to work together on a project. New technologies, especially immersive meeting experiences like TelePresence, support more effective communications, increase understanding, foster better relationships and can reduce travel costs.

2e2’s visual offerings use high speed, high definition technology to deliver a significantly improved user experience whether in the contact centre, the board room or the desk top.

  • TelePresence - 2e2's TelePresence offerings create face to face, immersive meeting experiences allowing you to interact as though you were meeting in person. 2e2 was the first Cisco UK partner to certify on and deploy it's TelePresence solutions and we hold more onshore technical skill in Cisco's Meeting Place platform than any other organisation.
  • Desktop video - enriched communications can be achieved in the contact centre, to improve first call resolution rates, deliver better customer service and support up sell and cross sell. Those working on projects from home or multiple global locations, can also benefit hugely from the rich interaction.

Now that video communications is permeating the business world, the demands on IT Infrastructure can be many and varied. Many times the systems can be better managed to both minimise the impact of these communications and enable them to be more efficient. 

One Contact - A 2e2 Proposition

From secure web payments through to implementing integrated decison support tools to ensuring effective agent training, 2e2 can apply its skills and experience to meet your ever evolving contact strategy.

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Equipping Employees

2e2's DNA is in Equipping Employees through the deployment of workforce enablement programmes

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