Back Office

The term Back Office typically refers to all departments, processes or functions that are critical in supporting, but do not directly drive, the primary organisational goal.

Our team of consultants has hundreds of man-years experience in designing, implementing and integrating Back Office systems. Our track record of success includes projects for small business and large Enterprise. Many of our consultants have joined us from core back office environments, like HR and Finance, and use that experience in designing efficient processes within a best practice framework.

Our implementation and support capabilities cover the breadth of Back Office ERP and Finance packages. We pride ourselves on our in-depth knowledge of the latest systems and ability to bring them to life, to meet your needs. We will help you realise benefits, including assistance with a full implementation roadmap.

For most of our clients, the Back Office operation is critical. 2e2 takes pride in adhering to strict Service Level Agreements. We believe we can deliver substantial cost savings whilst improving the levels of service for your end users. We also recognise that you need your end to end business processes to perform; not just the technical systems.

2e2 recognises that an in-house team provides much more than just support, often spending significant amounts of time on projects to deliver new business functionality and innovation. We allow for a flexible combination of both project work and support to ensure you are able to continue to adjust focus as your needs change.

2e2 can demonstrate significant efficiency benefits and reduced total cost of ownership through the implementation, upgrade, rollout and reimplementation of flexible SAP, Oracle and PeopleSoft packages.

Our PeopleSoft team is one of the largest, most experienced group of PeopleSoft consultants in the UK. We’ve delivered cutting edge projects to some of the largest and most complex enterprises. We focus on:

  • Human Capital Management
  • Financials

2e2’s SAP delivery is through group company Diagonal Consulting which has been a fully accredited SAP partner for over 20 years. At 2e2 we create value by combining our extensive product knowledge and deep industry experience with a practical, results focussed consultancy services team. To visit their website please click here

Partner Power has entered a partnership with 2e2, to complement its global coverage in over 50 countries, Partner Power had been looking for a solid Microsoft Dynamics AX and CRM partner in the United Kingdom to undertake their global roll outs on that market. For more information on Partner Power please click here

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