Knowledge Management

Today, employees are information workers; creating information, consuming information, storing information and sharing information with other people. 2e2 understands that the core capability of any knowledge management solution is built on software services that support collaboration, enterprise search, taxonomy and classification and enterprise content management.

The foundation of a business today is information, of 30 Million workers in the UK, 18 Million are knowledge workers to a greater of lesser extent - the amount of information which we consume, as well as the data which is generated, is growing rapidly. This rate has been quantified at about 40% per annum. The information explosion has imposed new performance pressures on employees, who now work with an overwhelming amount of data from which they struggle to gain insight. A result of this is that information workers spend too much time searching for, analysing, trying to report on and sharing information.

Data and Information is now found in many forms ranging from electronic documents and emails to the latest digital assets like blogs and video. To, mitigate risk and maximise efficiency, this information must be stored, managed and be readily accessible.

The International Data Corporation (IDC) recently estimated that information workers spend on average 48% of their time searching for and then analysing information.

2e2 can help you improve your information sources, from setting the vision and goals, perhaps finding out which reports and information it is you most often need,creating the roadmap, and developing the system architecture and design, to completing a phased implementation. This will ensure benefits are realised more quickly and as organisations equip their employees to work more flexibly adopting mobile working practices, that distributed and de-centralised data is secure.

2e2 wins Microsoft Dynamics awards

2e2 asked to join 2011 President’s Club and named 2011 Microsoft Dynamics Reseller of the Year

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Bridgend County Borough Council

Insight, awarded a five year contract to deliver cost effective software as a service (SaaS) finance system by Bridgend County Borough Council.

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2e2 named as Buying Solutions supplier

2e2 has been awarded a framework agreement for IT Managed Services by Buying Solutions, the national procurement partner for UK public services.

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