Middle Office 

The middle office is a term that is applied to business functions that focus on reporting information on the outcome of efforts conducted by the front office and that can be used to influence future outbound activity. The data that is received and structured by the middle office is then passed on to the back or front office functions, who in turn complete the transactions or initiate interactions that are necessary to keep the business active.

In just about any type of business, the middle office functions as the perfect link from the open market interactions of the organisation, and the successful completion of that interaction with the customer. 2e2 helps organisations to manage the flow of information, so they can manage the use of resources in the preparation of delivery, essentially providing the framework that provides the company with an efficient and logical operating structure.

Enhancing customer intimacy through an effective CRM strategy can arm you with the knowledge you need to grow your business by indentifying opportunities, allowing you to focus on key clients and 'must win' business.

2e2 can help you convert your go-to-market strategy into a programme of work that optimises business processes to deliver a solution implementation that will underpin your customer relationships. We approach any engagement from the perspective of meeting a need and not simply implementing a suite of software.

We have learnt from our many implementations that any system must be easy to adopt, ensuring that it is built around an engaging user experience that delivers an accelerated implementation timescale.

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